BetAdvisor betting tips

Free Tips the Key to betting Success?

The betting social hub and tipster subscription service-provider offers customers the opportunity to get an insight into the world of is portfolio of professional sports tipsters through a free betting tip service on its platform, featuring tips on a variety of sporting events including football and horse racing.

BetAdvisor betting tips

How it works

The number of free tips posted per day depends on the number of sporting events available, but this mobile-friendly and highly responsive website covers most of the high-profile sports, ensuring regular daily opportunities. Upon clicking on the option of the Free Tip, a number of details of provided, including ‘event,’ ‘Type of bet,’ ‘Bet on,’ ‘Best tipster odd,’ Best current odd,’ ‘Stake’ and ‘No bet under.’  This information allows the punter to ascertain the bet, as well as the odds and bookmaker where the bet can be laid at the most attractive odds, and the size of the bet in relation to a set bankroll amount predetermined by the punter. Importantly, no bet is placed on behalf of the client – once the bet is chosen to be followed, the client places the bet individually. In this way, it is a 100% advisory service. Once a subscription is activated, tips are delivered via SMA, email or through the user-platform, as selected.

Opening up the world of

Once a client decides to take the plunge into the world of paid subscriptions, the choice offered by the platform is wide-ranging. Tipsters are advertised by a number of interactive filters which a customer can set in order to make the most informed decision possible. Tipsters are available at a multitude of different prices and levels of experience, with a detailed historical results and statistical service available from which to study and select from. Once again the platform is mobile-friendly and responsive, and the wealth of data available impressive.

Anything else? is more than an advisory service in that it is creating a social hub in which tipsters and bettors alike can congregate to and share information. The Free Tip service is complemented by a ‘Today’s Tips’ feature, which makes daily tips available at affordable prices, as well as a blog and livescore service, which all enhance the benefits of the platform. But most importantly, with access to a multitude of high-class tips across a number of sports, could this be the future of sports betting as well as a gateway to investment strategies of the future?