Sports Tipping in 2016 is a sports betting tips platform which came into being in 2010, but has undergone a huge overhaul in 2016, seeing the site expand and improve upon its existing Sports Tipster subscription platform. First and foremost, the platform has vastly increased the number of Tipsters on offer to nearly 600, and the number of sports covered has also grown to include the likes of cricket and handball along with the usual favourites of football, basketball, and tennis, among others.

Choice of Tipsters

Betadvisor has also introduced various levels of Tipster which reflect experience and status. Featured Tipsters are those whose reputations have been forged over a period of time on various online platforms, Senior Tipsters have developed their experience and success over a period of time on, whereas Junior Tipsters are those who have only been recently added to the platform (after a successful proofing period) and are still in the process of establishing themselves in the professional ranks. Price plans reflect the status of the tipster.

Free Tips & Today’s Tips

As the Betadvisor model of sports betting tip subscriptions is new to many, Free Tips and Today’s Tips features have been recently added. The Free Tips section  does exactly that; offers a variety of daily tips from a selection of the platform’s Tipsters. The Today’s Tips concept does the same but for a small cost per tip. The benefit of these features is that would-be customers are able to try the system before committing to a subscription.

Tip Information

When a tip is given, the information which is provided includes the selection, the bet type (match odds, Asian handicap, etc), the odds, the stake (represented as a percentage of total bankroll), no bet under (the minimum odds that should be taken for the bet to be of value) as well as a brief written description of why the bet should be taken. Importantly, no bets are placed on behalf of the customer.

Selecting a Tipster

The selection process when deciding on a Tipster to follow is obviously critical, and this is another way in which the platform has been upgraded. Now potential customers can search through and evaluate a complete database of historical information relating to Tipsters’ picks.  A number of search filters have been installed to ensure the criteria by which Tipsters are assessed are relevant to the individual; for example the type of bet and the selected period of time of interest. Once again, the Free Tips and Today’s Tips features are useful in assessing a Tipster before a subscription is bought.